Hyperdekorativismus is an open field for the experience of life’s intensification. The field is populated by multiple creative drives that have been emphasizing such events as clearing, spacing, crossing, traversing, and unfolding. We believe that intensifying these events enables us to free all elements eventually trapped in them; we believe that it allows us to transform all that was imprisoned or was imprisoning; we believe that it opens us towards the ever new.

Each hyperdekorativist creation comes to be intertwined with other hyperdekorativist creations, which in turn are themselves knowingly surfacing at the extremity of other artistic and/or philosophical movements, ideas or mere gestures, that echo through them. That’s why we believe that everything that comes into being is actually coming from afar, along the lines of multiple directions, only to be immersed in a moving (sic) interdisciplinary that expands its otherness, its passadism, over to the open field – where the possibility of surprising oneself is equal to the realization that the present expression, albeit indebted, could only appear… precisely now.

The breadth of creative expression is therefore palpable along the lines of time and before the multiplicity of its creations. Voices and gestures, sounds and dyes, characters and lines which intersect, which come into programming, which make planes. The idea of limit, we believe, the idea that there is a limit to creative expression must be the idea of the unpredictable instant when the hyperdekorativist intimately actualizes such multiplicity in an urge of expressive auto-realization, and thereby expresses something, even if only life.